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Chris Travel Blog / CTB Global® is about (luxury) business travel combined with leisure travel in an efficient way keeping in mind also the travelers budget. I call this bleisure travel. You find on this site stories from side trips from a business trip to leisure only travel . With day-to-day itineraries, tips & tricks and personal experiences each post will have something for every traveler. A business trip to somewhere? Take one or more of the day-to-day itineraries to add some leisure time to the trip. Everything accompanied with extensive professional photo galleries giving the reader even more reasons to visit themselves.

Do you own a business in tourist or related industries? Do you want to reach the large audience that Chris Travel Blog / CTB Global® reaches? Website, social media (FB, TW, IG) and others have a potential reach of 150000+ accounts. I’m very flexible and budget friendly. Please contact me for cooperation.

For tourism boards / destinations

For tourism boards / destinations I visit cultural places, cities, nature reserves and anything else that fits to this site. As I already travel the world for various reasons this is very attractive for you as I will be already in the area saving you budget on transportation! Destinations divide in two categories: Europe (my base) and the rest of the world.

I’m based in the Netherlands, Europe. Throughout the year I travel in Europe and can fit in your destination easily. I’m very flexible to make an ad-hoc trip anywhere in Europe for a few days too. Please contact me for possible time slots or let know your preferred time so that we can work out a plan.

Rest of the world
As for the rest of the world: I’m always twice a year in South America and twice a year in North America. Three or four times a year I’m in Asia which is easily combined with destinations in Australia or the Middle East. Also Africa can be easily combined with either an Asia or South America trip. If you want to be featured and save budget on transportation as I travel already anyway? Then please contact me to find out when I’m around your destination. Also ad-hoc trips are possible: just contact!

Working with Chris Travel Blog / CTB Global® is very flexible. Join in on one of my travels and contact me for possible cooperation!

Hotels / airlines / tours operators / local businesses

For hotels, airlines, tour operators and local businesses actually the same applies as to what is said above for tourism boards. With the difference that it has to fit a bit more precise in the itineraries of the travels. Just contact me for opportunities!

Travel products

Do you produce, sell or market travel products? Contact me to review your product or business!

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I also write guest posts for other sites and/or printed media. Please contact for more information.

All my photos are for sale!

Do you need photography for editorial or commercial use? Please contact for a price offer for your specific needs. To give you an idea but prices can be lower if multiple photos are purchased:
Editorial use: 25 EUR and up pending circulation quantity
Commercial use: 100 EUR and up pending exact usage
* please note that for illegal copies I estimate usage, add a fee (at least 100 EUR) and then double the price (as the claim is outsourced) and claim this to you. No unauthorized copies are allowed at all!

I look forward to cooperate with you!

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Chris W.

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