VIETNAM – Food tour in Hanoi – 12 delicious dishes worth dying for

Vietnam - Hanoi - Food Tour
Vietnam - Hanoi - Food Tour

Vietnam, Hanoi is a heaven for addicts of special food. I visited with my son and we did a food tour in Hanoi. We like to try a lot of things too and because we had only little time we hired some experts to show us around! After a short search on the internet I came to only one who could assist us on short notice (one day before we booked): They where just great, our guide Ms. Lily walked us around the old quarter to taste the various things Hanoi has to offer and explained in detail what it is.

After the actual food tour in Hanoi ended I wanted more. I went with my son to Snake Village (on our request, not standard). Read about that experience here: VIETNAM – Live snake in Vietnam, a beating heart! (do not open if you have a weak stomach).


Why do this one a (private) tour? It’s time efficient. Of course you can try it all yourselves but you probably end up spending to much time to check where to get it (you can see it below also) and you probably pay more anyway than with the tour. Book a private tour! It’s the best way.

The food my son and I tried on this food tour in Hanoi

  1. Bun Cha = Grilled Pork with Noodle
  2. Bun Bo = Noodle with Beef
  3. Nem Chua = Fermented Pork
  4. Fried & Dried Eel
  5. Banh Cuon = Steaming rice paper- rolling Pancake
    We added Ca Cuong, it’s an extract from the Belostomatid, a giant water bug. A few drops are added for a great aroma.
  6. Cha Ca = Grilled Fish Hanoi
  7. Ech Rang Muoi =  Fried frog with salt
  8. Canh Ga Nuong = BBQ Chicken
  9. Banh Xeo = Crispy Pancake
  10. Nom Hoa Chuoi = Flower Banana salad
  11. Thit Cho = Dog Meat
  12. Trung Vit Lon = Duck Egg Embryo

After this we went to snake village to eat live cobra. Real all about eating snake in Hanoi in my detailed snake report. This was not part of the standard tour but by special request.

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GPS Track food tour in Hanoi

During my trips I make GPS tracks (sometimes they do not show, click download to open in Google maps). Feel free to download them and see how we moved around and see the time frames at the various places. Hope these maps are of help for you when planning your trips.

[map style=”width: auto; height:300px; margin:20px 0px 20px 0px; border: 1px solid black;” kml=””]


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