URUGUAY – Two days in Colonia del Sacramento, a beautiful town!

Uruguay - Colonia del Sacramento
Uruguay - Colonia del Sacramento

I was traveling in Argentina before my trip to Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. From Posadas Argentina I had a flight to the smaller airport in Buenos Aires in the city. From there it’s a short taxi ride to the harbor to take the one hour boat to Colonia, Uruguay. Arriving there a short taxi ride to the hotel: Radisson Blue, very nice hotel along the water. I strolled in Colonia del Sacramento for two days.

Two days in Colonia del Sacramento

Colonia del Sacramento is a former Portuguese city in the southwest of Uruguay. It was founded in 1680 by the Portuguese and changed “ownership” over the centuries. The city remains lots of it’s colonial charm and is a very nice place to walk around and come to rest. Myself stayed two nights having one full day which was enough to see the city.

Important remains of the Portuguese colonial city are: City Gate, Lighthouse from 17th century, Basilica of the Holy Sacrament, Portuguese houses from 17th and 18th century, Portuguese and Municipal museum, Viceroy’s House. The town is very peaceful and quit, a very nice get-away from Buenos Aires!

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