UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Abu Dhabi (2013.12.21 – 2014.01.05)

Abu Dhabi - Dune Bashing
Abu Dhabi - Dune Bashing

Summary: A family holiday during Christmas time to Kuwait, Oman and Abu Dhabi. A nice itinerary as we could book the Amsterdam Kuwait tickets on miles and the onwards through cheap middle east airlines which local tickers are very affordable, further more all hotels on points too. All-in a nice price attractive holiday. Highlight of the holiday was the road trip trough Oman! Kuwait merely just to have visited the country and Abu Dhabi for a few days only for relaxing.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: none (see all UNESCO sites here)

Day 1 through 13 – Kuwait, Oman & Arrival Abu Dhabi

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we arrived to our Intercontinental hotel around 3PM. We only relaxed at the pool that day.

Day 14 – Dune bashing

Today we wanted to go with a 4×4 for dune bashing. We asked the hotel travel agency to arrange but they could only offer to go with groups or with full arrangement?! So, we called the first we found on internet and told, pickup 9 AM, dune bashing, quad biking and back to hotel. We were back by 2 PM. Next time I have to opportunity want to take lessons so that in future can do it myself. Rest of the day pool time and relax!

Day 15 – Grand Mosque & Ferrari World

In the morning a visit to the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, magnificent! It’s called the Sheikh Zayed Mosque and only opened in 2007. It can hold more than 40000 persons inside. It has the biggest marble mosaic in the world (at the time of writing). After the visit here we went to Ferrari world; a bit disappointed. It’s advertised bigger then it is. Ok the fastest roller coaster is nice but that’s about it. We had the fast lane passes to just do the rides quick and after back to hotel for some more pool time.

Day 16 – Departure

A 6 hour flight back on Etihad to Amsterdam; the end of a great travel!

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