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SWITZERLAND – The Tamina spring & Bad RagARTz in Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz in Switzerland is home to the worldwide known Tamina spring which can be visited through the Tamina Gorge. Every three years an outdoor art exposition is held called Bad RagARTz. I visited Bad Ragaz while staying at the modern luxury wellness resort Grand [read more]

China - Wuyishan
East China

CHINA – Wuyishan (2014.07.07 – 2014.07.30 China Tour)

Summary: Part of a 24 day China tour. Start in Hangzhou, followed by Shanghai and Suzhou. From there to Tunxi (Huangshan) by plane continued by train to Wuyishan. From here by plane to Xiamen with a three day trip to the Tulou Clusters and back to Xiamen. [read more]