BAHRAIN – Walking over oil pipelines in Bahrain (#TBT)

Bahrain - Oil Industry
Bahrain - Oil Industry

#TBT [ThrowBackThursday] week 5 of 2015, Bahrain & oil pipelines. During our visit in Bahrain end of 2012 (read here) just a week after they had some big protests in the country we walked quite freely through the oil industry there. We were very surprised about the fact that these area’s were so easily accessible. Maybe we drove wrong by accident? I do not know.

Bahrain - Oil Industry
Bahrain – Oil Industry

In the middle between the oil industry in the middle of the desert you find the tree of life. This tree gets water from very deep roots and is a national monument. The tree is over 400 years old dating back to the Dilmun era. Certainly worth a short visit!

Bahrain - Tree of Life
Bahrain – Tree of Life

We do have great memories of Bahrain. Friendly people invited us for tea and even dinner. History going back lots of years when it was a Portuguese colony with various forts and other colonial buildings. Modern new skyscrapers dominate the capital more and more. A 3 day visit to Bahrain is worth it and certainly do not miss this country during your Middle East visit!

Did you visit Bahrain and have great memories of it? Please share them in the comments below. I love to hear from you!

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