LIECHTENSTEIN – Getting a Liechtenstein passport stamp, a tiny country! (#TBT)

Liechtenstein passport stamp
Liechtenstein passport stamp

#TBT [ThrowBackThursday] week 8 of 2015, Getting a Liechtenstein passport stamp, a tiny country!

Since Europe introduced the Schengen area there are less and less passport stamps given out to travelers. Most borders are fully open and you will not find more as a small sign that you enter another country. If you enter the Schengen area all the stamps are the same except the way of entry and city written on it. It is really difficult to collect these but even for a European the Schengen stamps can be collected if you have trips going out of Europe and you ask the immigration officer in a friendly way. As a collector of stamps this made it difficult to get a few dozen of stamps from the European countries.

Luckily there are still a few very interesting stamps to get of which a Liechtenstein passport stamp is one. Back in 2011 I got my first stamp of one of the European micro states: Liechtenstein. You can collect the stamp at the main square at the tourist office by paying a few Swiss francs. If you are visiting Liechtenstein you probably need not more than a day to explore it. Read what we did here.

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Liechtenstein passport stamp
Liechtenstein passport stamp


  1. Just got Monaco (tourist office) and Andorra (asked nicely at the Spanish border). Got a “real” Lichtenstein entry stamp from 1968 and bought a San Marino one that year–believe they are still available for a small price. So yes, the microstates still offer some.

    My best story about stamps is a page I have in my 1968 passport full of ones from the Austrian-German border. Happened to walk in when the officials were having a football game kicking a little ball back and forth inside their common building. In a good mood, they put in everything they had just for fun. One is misdated 1958. Cool.

    • Wow, thats a cool stories !! Nice! Andorra still need to go. But European ones is more difficult for Europeans. I have Germany Netherlands and France as I flew interational from there.

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