CHINA – My first time in China and the Asian continent, I fell in love! (#TBT)

China - Qinhuangdao / Shanhaiguan - Great Wall
China - Qinhuangdao / Shanhaiguan - Great Wall

#TBT [ThrowBackThursday] week 3 of 2015, China. My first visit to China and the Asian continent was back in 2010, I fell in love! First travel for business 2010 (read here) and I directly knew this would not be the last time. I just fell in love with the country because of atmosphere, food, people and everything else in China. Ok, not the smog 🙁 but everything else…. yes!


I started to learn Chinese after my sixth or seventh trip to China back in 2013. Now two years later I can manage quite well in China but not yet good enough. I will continue to learn more Chinese till I can speak it more fluently. The Chinese learning I do with my son (12 years now) together which makes this a great father-son thing to do. He also joined my visit to China (and Asia) already 3 times for periods each of 3-4 weeks a time.

China - Tulou Cluster View

In 2014 we did the first family trip to China for a period of 4 weeks and also the other families are big fans now of China. Will we immigrate there? I would, now I need to convince the rest of the family. Probably not, but you never know what the future brings!

Although many of my visits are mainly business related I always have a few days to explore a new area. China has become by favorite country in the world to visit and hope to go back at least two times a year for a 2-3 week period. If you need to know anything on China; shoot me an email!

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