SINGAPORE – Must visit: Botanic Gardens & National Orchid Garden: a UNESCO site

I have been to Singapore several times before and have seen most places but not yet all. Singapore is home to an award-winning Botanic Gardens and the National Orchid Garden. I didn’t see this garden yet. In 2015 the Botanic Gardens of Singapore became the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in Singapore. In my quest to see all UNESCO sites I added one day of leisure time in my 2016 business trip to Singapore, Thailand and Laos so that I could see this garden. It’s in one word amazing.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens was founded in the year 1859. It was however not the first Botanic Gardens in Singapore. Its predecessor was founded in 1822 but closed in 1829. The current garden was designed on a 32 hectare piece of land. It was wild rainforest before now tamed into the garden. These gardens have played a big role in the development of Singapore. Each time I visit Singapore I’m surprised by the amount of trees and flowers within the city. The garden played a major role in the development of suitable crops and vegetation for the area too. In the garden you can see pristine rainforest, ponds, lakes and smaller gardens within a garden. The most notable is the National Orchid Garden which deserves separate attention. There is no fee to enter the Botanic Gardens. I recommend visiting these gardens if you are in Singapore as they are unique in the world.

SINGAPORE - Must visit: Botanic Gardens & National Orchid Garden: a UNESCO site

National Orchid Garden

The orchid is the national flower of Singapore. Within the Botanic Gardens you can visit the National Orchid Garden. It’s a large garden dedicated to just orchids. With more than 3000 species it’s the largest of its kind. I never knew there were so many different species. They come in so many colors and each one is really different including its shape. There are a few houses from colonial times in the garden one of which belonged to the director. One part of the garden is dedicated to special hybrids which bear names of VIP people. For example you can see a Princess Diana Orchid and one named after Margaret Thatcher. There are over 100 special orchids named after famous people including presidents. I like orchids, I have them at home too. This garden is a great place to learn more about them. Enjoy the photo gallery of some of the orchids I found the most beautiful.

SINGAPORE - Must visit: Botanic Gardens & National Orchid Garden: a UNESCO site

Every year I visit Singapore and I’m happy I finally visited the Botanic Gardens and National Orchid Garden. Now they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site it was a must-do for me. You should visit too if you are in Singapore. For more tips on Singapore read my other stories about this country.

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Gallery Botanic Gardens & National Orchid Garden

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