SINGAPORE – 3 restaurant hotspots to go for dinner


Each year I visit Singapore for business. Over the years I have seen most places as it’s a small country but this year I will visit finally the Orchid Garden which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Subscribe to the blog or follow my social media to learn about it soon. I have a habit of visiting a few restaurants for dinner over and over again. It’s simple, I want to have certain dishes and they offer the best quality. So why search for another? Earlier I wrote about roof top bars in Singapore; now it’s time for a few restaurant hotspot suggestions. Enjoy your dinner there!

No Signboard Seafood restaurant

Singapore Restaurant Hotspots

I love good seafood and Singapore is famous for its pepper crabs. The No Signboard Seafood restaurant has actually 3 branches in the city; they are not the fun. Go to the No Signboard Seafood restaurant in the Malay district of Singapore. It’s located at 414 Geylang Road. Why the name? The name comes from the clients of Mr. & Mrs. Choo who did not have money to buy a signboard in the early 80’s. Through word of mouth people learned about their perfect white pepper crabs. It has a semi outdoor seating with in the back a huge amount of fish tanks. Fresh fish! The menu is large with fresh shellfish, crabs, fishes, abalones, sea cucumbers and more. I always order to much as I want to taste too much. Everything is very fresh and together with a nice cold Tiger beer you will survive the outdoor heat at this hotspot in Singapore.

Liang Seah Street – Various Hotspots

Singapore Restaurant Hotspots

Everybody who visits Singapore probably visits Clarke Quay to drink or have dinner. I don’t count the restaurants there as hotspots; they are to general. It’s nice there but there are way to many tourists. I always go one day to Liang Seah Street which is just behind the Intercontinental hotel I always stay. Located just next to the Bugis Junction. Local people go here and with more local prices it will save on your budget. There are various restaurants but after my late arrival in Singapore I always visit the Sankai Japanese restaurant (photo above). Another good choice is the Arirang Korean hotpot restaurant but it’s more fun with more people (last photo on page). When I have dinner at the Sankai restaurant I always order softshell crabs and fatty tuna sashimi. I’m just addicted to those two dishes. You can have an affordable dinner there but you can make it also expensive by ordering some rare expensive dishes. It’s a small restaurant and always packed at peak times. I just love it.

MAD – Museum of Art & Design and restaurant

Singapore Restaurant Hotspots

The MAD, or Museum of Art & Design, is a private owned museum. I had never heard of it until last year I was invited on a business dinner there. It’s really interesting! You can browse the museum with modern art and various designs before or after dinner. The dishes are a very nice mixture of Asian and Western cuisine with a bit of fusion on top. It’s located at 10 Tanglin Road which is about 100 meters after the end of Orchard Road. If I will return to this place again this year? Maybe, but probably not as I will have only 2 nights in Singapore this year. But, who knows, maybe the next next time!

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Singapore Restaurant Hotspots

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