RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

You might think craft beer in Russia? Isn’t that all about Vodka? Or, maybe, an Imperial Stout? No, there is a huge craft beer scene emerging with breweries popping up all over the country. In Moscow alone, there are dozens of craft beer bars of which I visited just a few. In general, the quality of the beers is above average but I couldn’t taste all. I this Moscow craft beer guide I’ll show you the hotspots I have been. It’s not complete nor will I go into specific tastes of beers. You can see my ratings on the Untappd app (user: christravelblog). They all have rotating taps so the chance of having all the same craft beers as I had in Moscow is slim. The list is in random order. I hope you enjoy the Moscow craft beer scene as I did. Cheers! 

Moscow craft beer guide: Eric the Red

Ok, the list isn’t completely in random order as I think Eric the Red (address: ул. Арбат, 36/2, стр. 1) should be the first bar to visit in Moscow. it has the largest selection of craft beer in Moscow with over 60 taps on 3 different floors plus a 500+ bottle selection. When I visited 70% where Russian craft brews. Eric the Red located on Old Arbat street which is a nice area to go to in the evening. It’s a nice bar to hang oud with friends. I liked the atmosphere with good but not loud music and “quiet” atmosphere. 

They don’t serve tasters nor flights but do offer half pints at about 125 rubles which at the time of my visit was less than 2 euro. I started with two sours, continued with 2 saisons and 2 pale ales. As I had a flight next day the idea was to take it easy. I, however couldn’t resist to try 2 IPA’s, 2 DIPA’s, 2 stouts and a barley wine too. It’s not my intention to rate each beer but if you find The Green God by Velka Morava anywhere in Moscow do try it! It’s one of the best double IPA’s I have ever had. Eric the Red is a great place for craft beer in Moscow as it has a huge selection and great athmosphere. 

RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

Moscow craft beer guide: Craft RePUBlic

Craft RePUBlic (address: Малый Гнездниковский переулок 9, стр. 7) was the first place of my Moscow craft beer bar hopping tour. It was a logical choice as it was located within walking distance of my hotel, the Intercontinental Moscow. It’s located in a basement and setup in a way with (livingroom)tables and a few places at the bar. Music isn’t that loud and it’s a great place to enjoy beer with friends and possible play a board game. 

Craft RePUBlic has 25 taps which is more or less the standard in the Moscow craft beer scene. They have also a large collection of bottles and the bartenders have good knowledge of the beers. I picked up a few special batch brews which I’ll be tasting at home. No tasters but half pours are possible at just 125 rubles. They serve small bar food of which I only had the dried beef which is delicious with beer. If you want craft beer in Moscow then Craft RePUBlic is a bar not to miss. 

RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

Moscow craft beer guide: Rule Taproom

Rule Taproom (Староваганьковский пер., дом 19, стр. 7) is another great bar for craft beer in Moscow. It plays a bit more alternative music which was great as I like that too. The atmosphere is more a bar type style and a place to hang out with friends. With 27 taps and a large selection of bottles they will have something for your taste as well. In general, I didn’t come across that much of the same beer on tap while hopping Moscow craft beer bars anyway. So make sure you try all those you like! Rule Taproom hasn’t any tasters but half pours at just 125 rubles are great value for money. 

Small beer snacks are served as well and I recommend having some chili flavored dried meat and cheese to pair with your craft beer. At Rule Taproom the crowd consists mainly locals of locals but this was at all the Moscow craft beer bars I visited the case. 

RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

Moscow craft beer guide: Jawsspot

Jawsspot (Никольская, 25, Москва) is the taproom of the brewery that goes by the same name. It’s the only brewery taproom I visited while exploring the Moscow craft beer bars. Jawsspot is located on the top floor of a shopping mall where, in the evening, is nothing to do. The taproom however was filled with people and has a great view. The Jawsspot beers where all above average and I do suggest going only if you have time to explore various bars. If you’re short on time stick to one of the bars mentioned above to taste a variety of breweries. Oh, they do serve delicious pizza! Jawsspot must be included in any Moscow craft beer guide as its an awesome place to sample craft beer and have a pizza.

RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

Moscow craft beer guide: Boroda Bar

When I entered Boroda Bar I wasn’t impressed. It was hot, noisy and the vibe was weird. I did want to give Boroda Bar a try as I wasn’t here for the crowd nor the type of atmosphere. Maybe you do like it – there were people so something must be good. I was there to explore the Moscow craft beer scene independent of athmosphere. At each other bar, most if not all beers where of high quality and above average in rating. At Boroda Bar I tasted 7 beers and they were all terrible in taste. I have no clue why as it’s not the standard in Moscow. Either they get the leftovers, bad brews or they simply don’t know what’s good. Personally, I won’t return here for craft beer next time I’m in Moscow.

RUSSIA – Moscow craft beer scene; this guide shows you the hotspots

I hope this Moscow craft beer guide helps you decide to go when you will be sampling Russian craft beer in Moscow. One thing is sure there is much more as just vodka in Russia. I hope to return to Russia or Moscow and sample more of the juicy craft beers they are brewing. Do you know of any other Moscow craft beer bar I missed and should be included? Please let me know in the comments and I’ll try to stop by next time I’m in Moscow. 

Make sure to visit the Kolomenskoye, Novodevichy or Red Square with Kremlin if you are not sampling craft beer. Another option is to do a day trip to Sergiev Posad. If you like urban exploring the Hovrinskaya Hospital is a must visit in Moscow. In case you find it to scary you can always explore Moscow’s Metro instead! I hope to return to Russia and go exploring some abandoned military installations next time and see more museums in Moscow!

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  1. When you are in Moscow next time you should also visit Dogma Bottleshop – my favourite craft bar. They have only 3 beers on tap, but a big variety of bottles thoroughly selected. As well as Rule Taproom Dogma is a place made by Zagovor Brewery and it’s friends, so the vibe is similar, but more calm as it is a small place. And there is another craft bar in the same building called Camorra Pizza e Birra. It is a new place opened a couple of weeks ago by AF Brew (craft brewery from St Petersburg), they have good pizza as well as craft beer. There is a cozy yard that unites both of the bars so you can switch one to another. These two bars are situated near Kitay-gorod metro station, the adress is Большой Спасоглинищевский переулок, 9/1с10. Another bar that worths visiting from my point of view is Beer Gik. It used to be a simple bottleshop but a month ago it reopened as a very aesthetic and a quiet pace with good music. Now it looks more like a wine bar – stylish and hipster place. But it is really pleasurable to be there, they have lots of bottles and 5 beers on tap, usually interesting kinds, not just the most popular ones. The adress is Мясницкая улица, 22/2с1, it is near Chistie Prudy metro station. Near the same metro station there is a bar called Sosna i Lipa (the translation is Pine and Linden). It is one of the most famous craft bars in Moscow and a good place to hang out with friends. The adress is Покровка, 17.

    • Yukka,thank you for your comment! Yes Dogma I hear about from various bars i was to go for bottles. Hope to visit next time!! Will be back in about 1 year 🙂

  2. Hello! Jawsspot (г. Заречный, ул. Бажова, д. 14 а)- this is the adress of brewery, 1000 km from Moscow. The adress of the bar is Никольская, 25, Москва

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