NORWAY – Visit Oslo for a city break; the perfect European spring getaway

Norway - Oslo
Norway - Oslo

A short city trip to the Capital of Norway, Oslo. We got a great apartment hired in the middle of the city for a great price. As the living standard is very high and everything else was expensive it were not cheap days. A average lunch for 2 adult and 2 kids, we spend like 300 EURO !

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Day 1 – Arrival late evening in Oslo

We arrived on Norwegian air very late evening from Amsterdam.

Day 2 – Doing nothing

Today we decided to sleep long after which we did some shopping at the supermarket and we visited a reptile museum/zoo for the kids.

Day 3, 4 & 5 – Sightseeing and Departure

We visited the first day the Viking Museum, Ship Museum, Old Fortifications and just some walk and ended at the ICE-BAR to have a very cold drink. The second day we continued sightseeing downtown and the last day we checked out the park with all the statues.
Just check the images for a great impression, Oslo is not big so easy to walk in three days and cover all important things inside the city; we did not go outside of Oslo this time. Still a lot to explore more in Norway.

Late afternoon we got on the Norwegian flight back to Amsterdam.

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