NORTH KOREA – A photo journal of a child growing up in Pyongyang & the Pyongyang metro

It’s already over a year ago that I visited North Korea. I still have a few stories left and now I will share with you the daily life in Pyongyang and the Pyongyang metro. I will do this through the eyes of a child, a photo journal. Some photos are made in not the best conditions like digital zoom or quickly shot due to some restrictions. I have tried to update them to the best possible quality. Enjoy this journey through life in North Korea in 38 photos.

Childhood of a boy in Pyongyang

Let’s first introduce the boy in this story. I met him while walking through the Moranbong Park in Pyongyang. This is him.


The eternal president Kim Il-Sung and the great leaders Kim Il-sung and now Kim Jong-un provide to him education. They promised education to “their” kids.

Everyday he has to go to school. As there are actually no cars available he will go by bus and metro. He will be reminded by the billboards about the fact that the North Korean people are strong. (the birds eye view photo is a bit harsh due to the removed fog and big zoom)

Pyongyang Metro

Quick fact: did you know the Pyongyang metro is the deepest one in the world? The stations are beautiful decorated. It’s a must see if you visit Pyongyang. (some additional photos of the Pyongyang metro at the bottom of this post).

He doesn’t have to go alone while he is still in primary school. His mother will be with him so that nothing can happen to him.

Growing up in Pyongyang: University

After he finishes school he can go to the university of Pyongyang. He can also learn for any other specialty. His mother will let him go; alone by bus or metro. Busses that are packed with people.


Puberty. It’s time for him to find a girl; a boy is out of the question. During his classes and on the streets he tries to find eye contact with North Korean girls. Will he find the perfect girl?

At some point in his university career he will take part in one of the big celebrations that take place in Pyongyang every year. He will practice at one of the big squares. The performance is visited by many people.

He studies hard, so that he can make a career and have a good life.

Deciding on one’s future in North Korea

The time is now. He must make an important decision in his life. What does he want to become? One thing sure is that housing is provided to him. Will he work in construction and live by these standards?

Or is he more talented? Work as an officer at the metro or maybe as a taxi driver. A middle class flat would be provided to him then.

Or will he study hard and become an engineer? A very nice apartment will be provided to him by the great leaders in this case. These are also provided to outstanding artists or sportsmen. He chooses to become an architect and develop innovative new structures.

Adulthood in Pyongyang

He makes new friends in university. In his spare time he goes to play volleyball or bikes along the Taedong river.

He did find his future wife who is a traffic controller.

They start their workday together by taking the same metro he took as a child together with his mother. In their breaks they sometimes go to the river side.


He is very successful and is even able to purchase a car. The great leaders have asked him to find solutions for the upcoming air waste Pyongyang is facing.

Will he succeed? One thing is for sure: he had a good life and still visits the Moranbong Park together with his wife and friends. Maybe he will have his own kids, who will be offered the same possibilities as he got. Who knowns?

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Pyongyang Metro: bonus photos

The Pyongyang metro is beautiful decorated. Therefore some additional photos. Enjoy.