MONACO – A mini state in Europe, expensive or not? (#TBT)

Monaco - TBT

#TBT [ThrowBackThursday] week 52 of 2015. This week, something I remember from my visit to Monaco, 1 of the 52 countries I visited prior to 2015.

Monaco is one of the mini states in Europe. Located at the Mediterranean Sea and for the rest surrounded by France. I went on a day trip from Nice during a road trip in South France with the family.

It was a new country for me and of course we had to get a passport stamp. This stamp you can get at the local tourist office for a small fee.  This fee was small but I have also another experience with fees in Monaco.

Monaco - TBT

Monaco can be expensive, but does not have to be!

Monaco is a country for the jet setters and you can watch the expensive cars, yachts and houses. For a day trip actually it’s not that expensive but I made it expensive; kind off. I lost my parking ticket! Parking was already expensive in the first place but this made it more expensive. I had to pay a full 24 hour plus a fee! A big bummer after a day full of pleasure and joy!

Curious what I did more in Monaco? Read it here.

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Monaco - TBT