LUXEMBOURG – A long weekend city trip to Luxembourg City

Luxembourg - City Center
Luxembourg - City Center

A short holiday family city trip to Luxembourg City. Luxembourg city is a UNESCO World Heritage site with lots of interesting places to see. A small country part of the Benelux and an easy destination from many parts in Europe.

Day 1 – Arrival

We drove by car from Holland to Luxembourg City.

Day 2 – Luxembourg City Walk part 1

Today we walked the city; it’s small and easy to explore on foot. See photo impression at day 4  and the city map to see what we walked. We walked the city walk as per the tourist information office to not miss any sites. To see all sights, two days is enough. We had not good weather, so to just relax on a terrace was not possible.

Day 3 – Outside the city

Today we did a few hours outside of Luxembourg City. We checked out a castle and some Roman Ruins.

Day 4 – Luxembourg City Walk part 2

Today, we finished the city walk we started on day 2. Find a photo impression below.

Day 5 – Departure

By car back home a few hours.

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