LIECHTENSTEIN – A tiny country tucked away in the Alps between Swiss and Austria

Liechtenstein - Vaduz & Mountains
Liechtenstein - Vaduz & Mountains

A trip to Liechtenstein (day 1 through 3) and after to Arosa (Swiss) to visit some friends for leisure only.

Day 1 – Netherlands to Liechtenstein by car

This took us the whole day! But, the autobahn in Germany really goes quick at 240 km/h!

Day 2 – Exploring Vaduz

One of the smallest countries in the world and the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire. It has just over 30k population and a few kilometers long and width. Anyway, we like to see countries and especially capitals so this is one of them. We walked around Vaduz to see the Church, City Hall and some other buildings. At the center square you can get a passport visitor stamp for a few Swiss Francs; we of course did this. We continued a walk up to the castle which has nice views but is not open for public. Later on the day we continued to drive up the mountain for some spectacular views. One day here is more then enough; it’s tiny!

Day 3 – Departure from Liechtenstein

We departed to Arosa (Swiss). Please see day 4 through 8 on this post SWISS – Arosa (2011.07.25 – 2011.08.02)

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