KUWAIT – Kuwait City (2013.12.21 – 2014.01.05)

Kuwait - Kuwait
Kuwait - Kuwait

Summary: A family holiday during Christmas time to Kuwait, Oman and Abu Dhabi. A nice itinerary as we could book the Amsterdam Kuwait tickets on miles and the onwards through cheap middle east airlines which local tickers are very affordable, further more all hotels on points too. All-in a nice price attractive holiday. Highlight of the holiday was the road trip trough Oman! Kuwait merely just to have visited the country and Abu Dhabi for a few days only for relaxing.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: none (see all UNESCO sites here)

Day 1 – Arrival to Kuwait

Arrival very late evening to the Crowne Plaza Kuwait City; great hotel, great upgrade and friendly staff!
Kuwait (at the time of writing) is a total dry country, no alcohol allowed whatsoever!

Day 2 – Touring Kuwait, or at least a try

Today we first of all slept very long until lunch time. Then we took the car and tried to explore a bit but not everything was free to drive like the year before in Bahrain / Qatar where we just drove through the oil fields. So we kind of gave that part up and we checked out how we could go to Falaika Island where there are some ancient Greek Ruins and you can see good the past Gulf War still. Seemed the boats don’t go everyday and kind of only Fridays was an option as on other days we could get a private boat but was strongly advised NOT to go there alone as Westerns as it was not fully safe. So that kind of ended that day and we did a great dinner.

Day 3 – The other touring of Kuwait

After checking a bit around it seemed was more easy to drive; there are controls and so but you simply can go through if you have the passport on you. So today we headed north to the Iraqi border. No photo’s allowed on the boarder, but hey, we are tourist, so we did some photos. We drove through the northern farms east wards and then back through another road to Kuwait city to see the Kuwait towers; unfortunately closed for renovation. We drove a bit more downtown Kuwait city where there is not much to see and went back for just some relaxation at the hotel.

Day 4 trough 16 – Departure, Oman & Abu Dhabi

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