Keep track of your flights using My FlightRadar 24

Flight Diary
Flight Diary

If you fly a lot you might want to keep track of the flights you are taking in a flight diary. There are several tools out there to do this but one that I’m using myself is called Flight Diary on FlightRadar24.  This is a great tool which automatically makes a lot of statistics about your flight behaviour.

To enter a flight its pretty easy as it will already pre-fill a lot of data for you like airports, airlines and other information. You can even submit upcoming flights so that your friends can see you flying when you actually take the flight. It is also possible to rate the airports you are flying from and write a short review.

After you have submitted all the flights it will give you statistics on amount of flights, flight hours, distances. But also statistics about airports and airlines used. All in a great tool to keep track of the flights and best thing it will show them all nicely on a map. See below image my map (updated till day of this article).

Flight Diary Map
My FlightRadar24 sample Map

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