HONG KONG – Two Hong Kong heritage trails in the North Territories

In the North Territories of Hong Kong you can escape the bustling city life of downtown. You will find farmers, old small towns, historic buildings and much more. To learn more about Hong Kong’s past you can walk the two Hong Kong heritage trails: Ping Shan and Lung Yeuk Tau. Each trail takes up about half a day and is great for a half day getaway from the business. The trails are maintained by Discover Hong Kong which also provides the maps used in this article.

Hong Kong heritage trail: Ping Shan

The Ping Shan Hong Kong heritage trail takes you back in time over 8 centuries ago. You will find here old ancestral halls, various temples and city walls. These settlements were small trading villages in the past and you get the feeling that time stood still here. To start this trail head to the Tin Shui Way MTR station and when you exit you will see the oldest pagoda in Hong Kong as the start of the trail. This pagoda called Tsui Sing Lau is home to the deity responsible for exams.

HONG KONG - Two Hong Kong heritage trails in the North Territories

From here follow the signs of the trail first to the Shrine of the Earth god. When you continue you will see an old walled city where parts of the wall still remain. Continue to the Tang and Yu Kiu ancestral halls dating back to the 13th century. These two halls are very fine with woodwork and other decorations and amongst the best in Hong Kong. Here you will learn about the old clans that first inhabited the area now called Hong Kong. Continue your journey in Hong Kong’s past until you arrive at the heritage center. Here just take a taxi back to the MRT station to finish this Hong Kong heritage trail.

HONG KONG - Two Hong Kong heritage trails in the North Territories

Hong Kong heritage trail: Lung Yeuk Tau

The Hong Kong heritage trail Lung Yeuk Tau is located a short taxi ride away from Fanling MTR station. The name means “the mountain of the leaping dragon” as the story goes that once a dragon was living in the mountains in this area. The walled cities in this area were built in the 13th century by the Tang clan. You will walk through the old villages where you can still see some traditions of past times.

HONG KONG - Two Hong Kong heritage trails in the North Territories

At various points you will see platforms used by cannons to keep the hostiles out of the walled cities. The end of the trail is at the Tang Chung Ling Ancestral Hall and the temple next door. The hall is decorated with wood carvings, mural paintings and various sculptures. The hall is used, still today, for gathering of the clan to discuss a wide range of topics. When you have finished exploring then grab a taxi back to the Fanling MTR station to save time and not to have walk back all the way.

HONG KONG - Two Hong Kong heritage trails in the North Territories

Fung Ying Seen Koon

If you are walking the Lung Yeuk Tau Hong Kong heritage trail then do not forget to pass by the Fung Ying Seen Koon temple. The temple is not yet 100 years old but a very interesting place to visit. It is located in Fanling on a hillside direct behind the Fanling MTR station. The temple cannot be missed because of its orange roof. It is built as per Taoist architecture and a great place to wander around for an hour.

HONG KONG - Two Hong Kong heritage trails in the North Territories

I enjoyed exploring this part of Hong Kong a lot as it changed my view on Hong Kong. There is simply so much more as skyscrapers and bustling city life!

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