HONG KONG – Top 3 things to do in Hong Kong if you have a day

If you have a layover of a day or just a day after a business trip then take advantage of that to explore Hong Kong. These top 3 things to do in Hong Kong will get you busy for that day! From all the things I have done in Hong Kong these are the 3 that I would recommend anyone to do if they are in Hong Kong for a day. If you have more than a day: still do them! They are worth it one by one.

The Peak

The Peak is one of the top 3 things to do in Hong Kong if you have only a day. It is the highest point on Hong Kong with a magnificent view over the shiny skyscrapers of Hong Kong and the Victoria Harbor. To reach the top you can walk, but this is not recommended, so take The Peak Tram. The tram starts since 1888 at the lower terminus. Here you can take the funicular railway to The Peak. In the waiting/boarding area there is a gallery about the history of the tram. Once you arrive at the top there is The Peak Tower and Sky Terrace 428 for great views over the city. You can take lunch here or dinner depending if you visit in the morning or afternoon. The Peak is the sole thing you really must do in Hong Kong also if you do not have the time. It’s worth the spectacular views. If you do have time left, visit the St. Johns Cathedral near the lower terminus, it’s worth a stroll.

HONG KONG - Top 3 things to do in Hong Kong if you have a day

The Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars with the clock tower and the symphony of lights is the second in the top 3 things to do in Hong Kong. Be sure to arrive at the clock tower at 7:15 PM as the symphony of lights, the largest permanent light and sound show, starts at 8 PM. Across the water you will see a light show on the buildings with sound. It is a great spectacle to watch. From the clock tower walk along the Avenue of Stars to get yourself a good place to watch as it tends to get crowded. After the show walk along the waterfront. You will find here handprints, plaques and statues of various important persons in the movie industry from Hong Kong. Amongst others you will find a life-size statue of Bruce Lee. Will you go on the photo with him? Your chance is on the Avenue of Stars. My son liked it! When you finish your walk continue to the last place of the top 3, the Temple Street Night Market.

HONG KONG - Top 3 things to do in Hong Kong if you have a day

Temple Street night market

The last of the top 3 things to do in Hong Kong in a day is the Temple Street Night Market. Here you can buy your souvenirs for home. Get some late evening food or just buy anything you want. Here you find a lot of different items on sale on the street. The whole street is a market worth a stroll for sure. Do not forget to bargain if you want to buy something. When you finish the market the time probably got late and its time to call it a day but at least you have seen the top 3 things to do in Hong Kong!

HONG KONG - Top 3 things to do in Hong Kong if you have a day

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