HONG KONG – More than skyscrapers: the Hong Kong waterworks trail

Hong Kong is not all about skyscrapers, there is so much more! During my visit back in April 2013 I walked the Hong Kong waterworks heritage trail. One of the places not visited by many tourists. The waterworks are located on Hong Kong Island in the eastern part and are a great half day trip from the busy downtown. You can also combine it easily with a trip a bit further south to Stanley, a nice town at the water with a huge expat community.

Hong Kong waterworks history

Back in the second half of the 19th century the water request in Hong Kong got bigger and it needed a better supply of fresh water. In 1883 the construction of the waterworks around the Tai Tam area started. During a total of 35 years all the reservoirs, dams, pumping stations and other constructions were finished. Huge tunnels were dug to transport the water over the island. These days the waterworks are still part of the water supply in Hong Kong although the old buildings are replaced by modern buildings. All the old constructions are now protected and part of the heritage trail.

HONG KONG - More than skyscrapers: the Hong Kong waterworks trail

The walk

After a great breakfast in the club lounge of the Intercontinental Hong Kong our limo driver 🙂 was already waiting outside to drive us to the waterworks. We arrived there around 11 AM and when we got out of the car the heat and humidity hit us again. We brought some water but with the heat and humidity we needed more. At the start of the walk there are some vending machines to get drinks. Stock up there as along the route there are no options to buy more!

HONG KONG - More than skyscrapers: the Hong Kong waterworks trail

The total trail is advertised as a 2 hour walk but taking it easy in the heat and it will take up to approximate 4 hours. The area is very quiet and you will forget you are in Hong Kong! Trees, water and the waterworks make this a great area for a walk. Around the paths are signs explaining things about the various structures which is great to get a better understanding of the area. After you finish exploring the area head down to Stanley for lunch or just a drink in one of the many bars along the boulevard.

HONG KONG - More than skyscrapers: the Hong Kong waterworks trail

I enjoyed exploring this part of Hong Kong a lot as it changed my view on the city. There is simply so much more!

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