China - Beijing - Temple of Heaven
North China

CHINA – Beijing (2014.04.17 – 2014.05.05)

Summary: A father son trip with some business days in between. We will start off from Amsterdam through Shanghai to Xian to stay there 4 full days. We will then continue to Chengdu where we have 2 full days. Then we continue onwards to Vietnam, Hanoi where [read more]

China - Datong - Yungang Grottoes
North China

CHINA – Datong / Beijing (2013.10.06 – 2013.10.16)

A business and leisure trip to Seoul and also to Beijing and Datong. First time to Republic Korea and fourth time to China. As Beijing was covered decided to go to Datong. Everything squeezed into ten days only. UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: Grottoes of Yungang (see [read more]

China - Beijing - Opera
North China

CHINA – Beijing & Tianjin (2012.10.30 – 2012.11.08)

China again it is. Conference time and after a two days to Tianjin for business and then a day left to explore a few things in Beijing. Day 1 through 6 – Arrival & Business Arrival to Beijing from Amsterdam on KLM flight, business conference. [read more]

China - Great Wall Badaling
North China

CHINA – If you only have a day in Beijing what to do!

My first trip to China, with hopefully many more to come! A huge convention held each year and time to participate to make sure business is starting there. Little more than a day to do some sightseeing. UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: The Great Wall at Badaling [read more]