CHINA – Hualuxe Haikou Hotel & Resort: luxury with a Chinese twist

China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review

Hualuxe is a new brand of the IHG Hotels Group and just 3 locations have opened back in 2015. My last trip in China took me also three days to Haikou located at the northern tip of the Hainan Island, China’s Hawaii. Just 3 days before my visit the Hualuxe Haikou Hotel & Resort opened its doors. I did not hesitate and booked the hotel for my stay to experience this new brand. The brand aims at Chinese luxury travelers but I can tell you that I loved it as a Westerner. I will share my experience with you.

The hotel

Let me first tell just in short about the Hualuxe brand. It’s a brand formed several years ago for the Chinese elite traveler. The key concept is to show Chinese tradition throughout the hotels. Think of tea houses, signature food, natural surroundings and special welcome experiences. Even though it aims at the Chinese traveler it doesn’t mean a Western traveler would not like it. I loved it! If I visit China I want to feel China. This is exactly what Hualuxe Haikou offered me: Chinese luxury!

The Hualuxe Haikou just opened a few days before my arrival. It smelled new in a very positive way. I expected that things would not go smooth but I was wrong. The staff welcomed me very friendly in perfect English and check-in went very quick.  Everything went smooth. It was if like the hotel was in business already a long time. I did not experience a single startup glitch during my stay. The lobby is large and here you feel directly that Chinese atmosphere the brand wants to show. Decorations of wood with traditional Chinese styled symbols are everywhere. Behind the check-in desk is a huge embroidered piece of art. I was told it was handmade and worked on for over a year! It’s beautiful.

The hotel is located on Haidan Island and facing the beautiful bay of Haikou. By car it takes about 30-40 minutes to the airport or the train station, of course depending on the traffic. A marina is next door and downtown just a 10 minute drive away. A perfect location.

China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review

The rooms at Hualuxe Haikou

The rooms at the Hualuxe Haikou are large and face the sea or the city. We had one of both. I recommend booking the sea view which offers a much nicer view. The floors are made of light wood with carpets under the bed with Chinese motives. The other furniture is made out of more dark wood giving a very warm feeling in the rooms. The pillows, art on the walls and other small items are decorated with Chinese motives. In the bathroom there is a large free-standing bath and a separate rainforest shower. The huge mirrors and earthen colors give the bathroom a very large and warm feeling. All the smaller items are again made with traditional Chinese shapes. One of the rooms had also a large walk-in closet. I really enjoyed the room and the comfortable bed got me some good rest. A room how I like a hotel room to be!

China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review

Facilities at Hualuxe Haikou

The hotel offers a wide range of facilities. It can be called a city luxury resort for sure. The swimming pool is set up very nice with a large garden and palm trees. Unfortunately it was too cold to enjoy it but that’s just a few days a year. There are SPA baths to enjoy as well. The artificial beach with sunbeds overlooks the Haikou bay and the marina next door. For the business traveler the hotel offers private rooms and meeting facilities. I was mainly on a leisure trip this time but I have many business trips too so would use them in case I would be on business. I hope to return one day when there is sunshine to enjoy the outdoor terrace and resort pool.

China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review
China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review

Dining & Drinking at Hualuxe Haikou

There are two options for dining. The Chinese restaurant Fu Lin serves delicious dishes and they are presented very nice. I had dinner with the family twice and the last day a dim sum lunch. At the 10th floor is the club lounge which I can recommend to add to any stay especially for the business traveler. It’s a more quiet area for afternoon cocktails and some snacks plus in the morning breakfast without a lot of people. The all-day dining restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers a huge range of food from all over the world. From Indian, Japanese, Western to of course Chinese dishes. The good quality and the huge choice will make sure there is something for everyone. When I travel I normally have a big breakfast and skip lunch; this was the perfect place. Next to the lobby is the Luxe Tea house which serves tea from various regions of China. You can have a tea ceremony here or enjoy one of the private places for a business meeting. The lobby lounge is very pleasant with all kinds of Chinese decorations and a good place to have a beer in the evening and share experiences of the day.

China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review


So how did I like my stay at the new Hualuxe brand? Just perfect! The Chinese details, the tradition and the great hospitality made my stay very pleasant. I could not use the resort pool due to weather, but there was enough to do and relax. The rooms are very comfortable and large. Various options to go dining with a buffet that had too many choices. I enjoyed my stay and can recommend everyone to stay at Hualuxe Haikou if you want luxury with a Chinese touch.

If you would like to know what you can do in and around Haikou then see one of these options: Hainan Island. I will add more destination information over time.

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For more hotel information and booking options please visit the website of Hualuxe Haikou Hotel & Resort.


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China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review
China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review
China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review
China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review
China - Hainan - Hualuxe Haikou Hotel Resort - IHG Review

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