CHINA – Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel

CHINA - Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel

I have visited Beijing now a dozen or so times but this time it was the most memorable stay ever. I stayed in a museum with the biggest private collection of contemporary art in China. Yes, Hotel Éclat Beijing is like a museum with art in every corner. The pieces made by Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol were my favorite. In a museum one needs to take a tour and that’s what I did and I’ll share with you in this review what I saw.

A Harry Potter room, Terminator suite and Presidential Suite were just some rooms I could have a look at. Let’s start with a video and then I’ll explain you all about this luxury art hotel in Beijing

The hotel

Hotel Éclat Beijing is located in the central business and embassies districts of Beijing. Chaoyang, Sanlitun and Soho neighborhoods are all around the corner and major sights as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven are easily reached by subway or taxi. Hotel Éclat Beijing is located in the top of a pyramid building together with the Parkview Green Mall. The building is completely green and sustainable which make you stay guilt-free in a, sometimes, polluted Beijing.

I arrived very late evening and was checked-in quickly. Normally I want to be escorted to my room as soon as possible but in this case I just had to check out the art in the lobby area for a minute. The owner of Hotel Éclat Beijing owns the largest private collection of contemporary art in China and it’s displayed in the hotel common areas but also the rooms. You’ll find pieces of art from Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Pierre Matter as well as various Chinese masters. Once I settled in I immediately understood why this luxury boutique hotel won so many awards. They offer true luxury in an amazing setting I have never seen before.

CHINA - Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel

The rooms at Hotel Éclat Beijing

The rooms at Hotel Éclat Beijing are comfortable and equipped with the latest technology. Each room, even the Deluxe Rooms, have their own 3D TV with a wide choice of channels and movies. I haven’t seen a 3D TV in any hotel before, did you? The bathrooms have a rainforest shower with bath and exclusive Molton Brown amenities. A massage chair is also standard in each room and the night-light can be turned off by a gun. Yes, a gun; just fun!

The mini-bar; coffee and tea are all complimentary which is something I like in a hotel. Beside the Deluxe Rooms there are also similar rooms with terraces which include an outdoor seating area. It’s not outdoor in the open air but outdoor inside the big hall of the shopping mall but don’t worry you’ll have 100% privacy. The lagoon suites are however their signature as they are all differently themed. One room I saw was the Terminator room as you can see in the following photo. Isn’t that amazing?

CHINA - Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel

The lagoon suites all have a 5-meter outdoor swimming pool on the terrace. Some have a Jacuzzi but they are all differently themed. Other rooms include (see the gallery below and the movie too) a Harry Potter room, a Miami suite, Classic Sports room or even a Star Wars room with a life-size Stormtrooper. I didn’t see the last room and I regret that as I’m a huge Star Wars fan!

If that’s not enough you can always go for the 700 m2 presidential suite. As I travelled alone I thought that would be a bit too large for me. Each room has access to the Éclat Essentials which include all the complimentary items I have mentioned before and will do below. I had a great time in my comfortable room and three nights of good sleep. When I’m back in Beijing I’ll certainly choose Hotel Éclat Beijing again; I’m still amazed and want to try all of their different themed rooms.

CHINA - Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel

Facilities at Hotel Éclat Beijing

Hotel Éclat Beijing offers various business facilities and banquet facilities which I personally didn’t use. On the 16th floor there is a 24h gym with views on the inner space of the next-door mall. A general swimming pool isn’t needed as most of the suites have their own lagoon of 5 meters long. The Miami suite even has a 10-meter jet-pool which is something I haven’t seen before in a hotel room and I have seen many.

The mall next door, from the same owner, offers plenty of options to go shopping, dine or have a coffee during the day. If you want to go explore Beijing I can recommend to ask the staff where to go as they know the ins and outs of Beijing; or read my previous stories on Beijing. They can also arrange a car for you to take you from place to place if you’re short on time. In short: enough facilities, but most of them are simply in the room!

CHINA - Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel

Dining & Drinking at Hotel Éclat Beijing

Hotel Éclat Beijing offers several dining outlets and if that’s not enough you’ll find plenty in the adjacent Parkview Green Mall. A large breakfast buffet is served in the Éclat lounge which also includes several a la carte dishes. During the day refreshments are served and in the evening various canapés which are all included in the room rate. I like that!

The last evening I didn’t want to go out for dinner as I had to leave early next morning to Huanglong. George’s Bar & Restaurant was my choice which serves delicious Spanish tapas inspired dishes together with perfectly mixed cocktails. The dishes are fenominal and you can taste the fresh ingredients used. Sun Ming Yuen is the place to go for Chinese dishes and Alfie’s Beijing serves dishes from around the world with a twist. Room service is available 24h a day and I can imagine if you’re in one of their beautiful suites then that’s the way to go! I had delicious food and great evenings in their bar which is a great place to take business partners in the evening.

CHINA - Hotel Éclat Beijing: luxury meets art at this boutique hotel


If you visit Beijing and are looking for luxury, art, and top service then I recommend to stay at Hotel Éclat Beijing. Their rooms are comfortable with the latest technology and they have themed suites that will suit everyone’s taste. The various restaurants will make sure that you’ll have a great dinner and the bar is the place to go in the evening to relax or close that last business deal. If you get bored: you’re in a museum! You’ll be able to go explore the art pieces of Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, and others. I had a great time and I hope to return to Hotel Éclat Beijing or their sister hotel in Taipei, Taiwan.

If you would like to know what you can do in and around Beijing then see one of these options: read my stories on what to do in Beijing. I will add more destination information over time.

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