CHINA – Visiting the hightlights of Beijing during a business trip

China - Beijing - Summer Palace
China - Beijing - Summer Palace

The second trip to China to setup more business activities. Also this year, a few days to explore more of Beijing and surroundings. Look the previous post of a year before CHINA – Beijing (2010.11.04 – 2010.11.11) to read about Tiananmen square and the Great Wall.

Day 1 – Arrival to Beijing

Arrival to Beijing in early afternoon. Some shopping at the Silk Market (dirt cheap) and some great Chinese food and off to bed.

Day 2- Exploring the Summer Palace

Started the day with a great breakfast at the Shangri-La Kerry Centre hotel. After taxi to the Summer Palace around 11AM, spend there walking until around 5PM. Explored the full sight, starting after entrance to the left around the lake. After that explored the mountain which was made out of the dirt that came from the lake. Great place!

Day 3 – Temple of Heaven and surroundings

Again a nice breakfast and off to temple of heaven, arrived there probably around 12PM. Took approximate a 4 hour walk there and after went to the Pearl Market across the street to check out to buy some pearls and gadgets. Also behind the pearl market is the Toy Market for dirt cheap toys for kids!

The Temple of Heaven is build back in 1420 for the Emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. The temple was used at the winter solstice on the highest terrace of the alter (heaven, the others two being earth and humans). The big road only to be used by the Emperor himself mainly dressed in yellow colors. From the alter along the echo wall to the temple for good harvest.

Day 4, 5 & 6 – Business time in Beijing

Business, and more business!

Day 7 – Forbidden City

After a heavy night and long sleep spend the 1-4PM to explore the forbidden city. Weather was so-so, but great to see!

The palace of the Emperors of the Ming Dynasty (the Imperial Palace of the Qing dynasty lies in Shenyang). Home for the son of heaven, it runs from south to north one can see the hierarchy of the Chinese society.

Day 8 – Departure from Beijing

Early morning flight by KLM back to Amsterdam.

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