CHINA – If you only have a day in Beijing what to do!

China - Great Wall Badaling
China - Great Wall Badaling

My first trip to China, with hopefully many more to come! A huge convention held each year and time to participate to make sure business is starting there. Little more than a day to do some sightseeing.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited: The Great Wall at Badaling (see all UNESCO sites here)

Day 1 & 2 – Arriving to Beijing and sightseeing

A nice flight direct from Amsterdam to Beijing by KLM. Arriving early morning on Day 2 to Beijing; stayed at the Shang-ri La Traders hotel at the World Trade Center convention center; great hotel and place. Further that day direct off to go explore Beijing not use all time possible.

We decided to go the few hours left to check out Tiananmen Square and see the military take down the flag for the night. A great parade to see. After we had a few hours for some dirt cheap shopping and great Chinese food.

Day 3 – The Great Wall

Today we did a full day tour to the Great Wall. Myself personally I do not like to join tour groups; it’s not efficient for time and you have no freedom. So we just got into a taxi on the street and hired him for the full day. Takes around 1:30 hours to get to the wall; the taxi will wait (don’t pay when arriving!) 4-5 hours later we got the same taxi back. This costs almost nothing; like 40 euro for the full day. Below an impression on images from the wall at Badaling; the place where we went (it’s touristic!). The wall is about 8800 KM long and goes over 17 different provinces in China at this place about 7 KM is restored.

Day 4 through 8 – Business and Departure

Great business starting in China. Early morning on day 8 back home to Amsterdam.

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