CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife

After a recent business trip I drove from Buffalo (NY) to Toronto (Canada). I stopped for a night at the Niagara Falls. I decided to stay overnight to one day explore the US side and one day the Canada side and in the night to enjoy the nightlife of Niagara Falls (Canada). The Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls has a great location with views on the falls; an outstanding hotel. I share with you my experience at this magical place. Enjoy.

The Canadian side of the Niagara Falls

After I filled up the car with gas I crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Canada. Make sure to get your Canadian visa upfront so that you’ll get into the country without trouble. My hotel was just across the bridge with a beautiful view on the Niagara Falls! On the left the American Falls or the Bridal Veil Falls and on the right the Horseshoe Falls. After I unpacked my suitcase I went out to explore the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls.

CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife

It was just a 5 minute walk from the hotel towards the Niagara River and all the activities. I passed the strip of Niagara Falls which to my surprise was like a small Las Vegas but more on that later. Most activities you can do on both sides but of course I did not want to do everything twice. On the Canadian side I had planned to take a boat in the mist, go behind the falls and see the river rapids. Finally it did not totally work out as planned. The boat which goes in the mist stopped service quite early that day so I had to skip it. I hurried towards the tourist center to go behind the falls where I arrived at dawn leaving no time for the river rapids.

CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife

The line was not that big so about 30 minutes later I was behind the Niagara Falls in the tunnels. It’s nice to be there but I think it is a bit overrated to be honest. Behind the falls you can look through an opening towards the back of the falls and hear the thunder of the water coming down. You can go also outside just next to the falls and feel the mist, like you would on the boat. I did spend just over 30 minutes behind the falls I guess and went out again to go for dinner. It got dark in the meantime and the Niagara Falls were lit up very nice!

TIP! If you are short on time then go behind the falls to be in the mist of the falls. It’s kind of the same experience as you would feel on the boat but more efficient in time.

CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife

For the evening I had reserved a table at the Skylon Tower as they advertise with great food and a great view. This turned out to be the biggest disappointment of this trip at the Niagara Falls. First I had to stay in line to go up and then had to wait 40 minutes for my table. The service was quick in an unpleasent hurried way. The food was good but nothing special. The view was nice but not better as from my hotel room. I will not go again. From here I went back to the strip and did some beer tasting and visited some bars in the area. Around midnight I called it a night and went to bed.

The US side of the Niagara Falls

Today I explored the US side of the Niagara Falls. I crossed the Rainbow Bridge on foot which is very easy and convenient and there was no waiting at all. The US side of the falls have less interesting views but you can get closer to the water. I did a half day hike and started at the Bridal Veil Falls where you can get pretty close to the thunder of the falls. If you are up to it you can walk down and touch the water!

CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife
CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife

After getting a bit wet I walked onwards to the Horseshoe Fall which are on Goat Island but new paths were under construction so there was unfortunately not much to see during my visit. On the US side of the Niagara Falls you can do also the Maid in the Mist boat tour. If you have more time on this side you could do the boat tour also on this side. It was already around 3 PM and I had to drive to Toronto still that day so I decided to return to the hotel to check out.

CANADA & USA – Two days exploring the Niagara Falls and its nightlife

I left the Niagara Falls with mixed feelings. They are a great attraction for sure and the park and activities are great. The Canadian side is just a big amusement park with all the bars, clubs and casino’s. This doesn’t do the nature park any right to be honest. The Niagara Falls are a great destination but for me they do not match the Iguazu Falls which I had visited in Brazil a few years back. I’m happy I visited and saw the Niagara Falls but will probably not return unless I feel to taste ice-wine again!

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