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Camera Gear Chris Travel Blog
Camera Gear Chris Travel Blog

Recently I got some questions of readers what kind of camera gear I use in my travels. Photographing has always been a passion of mine and started many many years ago. But first about the current gear after that before.

2020 Update

In 2020 I exchanged my Canon 6D for the Canon 6D Mark 2 and also the package lense 24-105mm to the new version of this lens. I also added a 100mm Makro to my gear. Still happy with the setup!

Canon 6D from 2014 onwards

Early 2014 I wanted to start again in a more professional way. Beside the regular things the camera must do I wanted it to have build in GPS (to make the tracks and have photos geo-coded) and WiFi to easily transfer to iPhone and other devices for social media. At this time, only one camera had what I wanted: the Canon 6D. The package came with a great 24-105mm lens which is very good for all day use. But of course, after the first trip with only one lens I missed especially the zoom. Because I travel small and I don’t want huge lenses, I opted for the Canon 70-300mm DO lens. Because of the diffractive optics its very small and light; of course it has pro’s and cons with other similar lenses but for me this one was the best. Added a Soligor 2x extender so it will become a 600mm. The Canon extenders do not work because of how the DO lens is mounted, the extender cannot stick inside so I had no other options then to take this one.

Another trip later, of course, I missed the wide angle…….. so, to once and for all have it complete I added the Canon 8-15mm and the Canon 16-35mm IS to my assortment and now covering a total of 8mm up to 600mm range. Sufficient for me. The only wish I have more would be a Shift Tilt lens of 24mm; maybe later when budget allows.

All (exceptions there) photo’s on the blog are made with this gear at the moment.

The old time

My passion for photographing started somewhere in the late 90’s. Back then no digital photographing, and therefore no photos of that time on this blog. Back then I used a Nikon F50 camera, with a wide range of lenses. Fisheye 16mm, Shift Tilt 35mm, 50mm 1.2, various zoom lenses and more. I used the gear probably until 2002-2003 after which it kind of made no sense anymore for me to use analog camera’s. Time to shift to digital.

Compact camera’s

First I switched for small compact camera, which of course doesn’t make good photos. Had three, starting mid 2000’s.

up to 2011: Sony Cyber-shot W180
2011-2013: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX150
2013-2014: Sony Cyber-shot HX-50V (with GPS, which was priority one)

photo’s of posts during those years on this website are made by those camera’s.

Camera Gear Chris Travel Blog
Camera Gear Chris Travel Blog