BUDGET TIP – Cashback websites: get up to 10% back on flights, hotels and many more

It’s time to share with you some new ideas to save money on travel expenses. Or even better: save on daily expenses! It’s called cashback and there are several website that offer up to 8% back on hotel bookings, flight bookings and car rental. Cashback percentages go even higher on daily expenses or during certain promotions. Who doesn’t want cash in their pocket? Keep reading and I explain you on which sites you must sign up to get the most cash back. Note that some sites are local sites for the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany but the two most important are worldwide. If the local sites don’t work in your country then you can do a Google search for which local sites do work for you. A stay at a luxury hotel gets suddenly a lot cheaper!

Important global sites to sign up for are: TopCashBack and Mr. Rebates.

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What is a cashback site and why I use it

I use cashback sites for all my travel purchases but also for other online purchases. After you have signed up for the cashback sites you can exactly see for which online purchases you can get cash back. I safe this way yearly about 2000 euro! It’s worth it.

A cashback site is a site that offers referral links, don’t worry they are safe, to online booking sites or e-commerce shops. If you click this link you will be redirected to the website where you can then purchase the normal way. The cashback sites for example receive a 10% commission and they will forward 8% to you. So, in this example on a 100 euro purchase you will receive 8 euro back. You effectively pay only 92 euro; that’s a quick way to earn money.

How to use a cashback website

So how should you use a cashback site? First of all register at all the sites I mention below: TopCashBack and Mr. Rebates are the most important worldwide and depending on your region the others. Check on the cashback website the percentage they will pay out to you for the online purchases you want to make. Just write down which one gives the highest % but in general the difference is not huge. You can now search for your flights, hotels or car rentals the normal way. At this point it’s not yet needed to go to the cashback site. Once you have found what you want to book THEN you must do:

  • You open a new browser
  • Go to the cashback site
  • Click there the link to the site where you want to book, this will trigger the cashback
  • Book as you normally would
  • You will get the cashback after you pay and/or stay

Let’s look at an example. I have found a great rate for a hotel room at a hotel website which I want to book. I do not do this directly. I now open a new browser and I go to TopCashBack. There I login and find the hotel link which I will click on. I get redirected to the hotel website where I will book the room I have found as I would normally do. I pay the full price but after my stay I will receive the cashback which I can then transfer to my bank or PayPal account.

Cashback sites you must use


TopCashBack is the main site I use for travel related cashback. It works internationally. Sign up to TopCashBack to start earning money. TopCashBack offers cashback on all the hotels, airlines and car rental that I use.

Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is another international site I use. I always compare it with the one mentioned above but it’s my second choice if the cashback is the same. Sign up to Mr. Rebates and earn cashback immediate!

3 cashback sites for the Netherlands

I’m from the Netherlands and for daily online purchases I use three cashback sites. You can sign up also if you are not from the Netherlands, they will redirect you to your local cashback site. If I buy a TV I get cashback; even on some groceries! Sign up to the following sites and check on which online stores they offer cashback. Some even offer you cash my simply clicking on a link or doing a survey.

Sign up for: NuCash, Qassa and EuroClix.

Belgium & Germany

My neighboring countries Belgium and Germany have two major cashback sites. They work great for local purchases and local online stores. Even if you do not live in these countries it’s worth the sign up too. For Germany: Sign up for CashBackDeals / For Belgium: Sign up for EarnieLand.

Other countries

Do a local Google search to see which are the best to use but TopCashBack and Mr. Rebates will cover any travel related purchases for you.


Cashback sites are a great way to earn money on travel and daily expenses. The cashback % varies but every euro is one. They give me over 2000 euro a year back. Which I can use to pay a nice holiday. What more do you want? Start earning money back today!

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BUDGET TIP - Cashback websites: get up to 10% back on flights, hotels and many more

** All opinions are based on a genuine stay, flight or experience. I’m not affiliated with the hotel, airline or tour operator but I might be (partially) sponsored – or paid. **