ARGENTINA – Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

In Argentina the craft beer scene is developing very quick with breweries popping up everywhere in the country. My recent visit to Argentina I had time to try out some of the Buenos Aires craft beer bars. A good alternative to the wines from Mendoza or Cafayate. The bars I visited you can see below but I must note this is not a complete guide. I hope to visit more bars next time I’m in Buenos Aires as the beers brewed in Argentina are very good. For now: Salut!

Buenos Aires craft beer: On Tap Retiro

On Tap Retiro (Marcelo T. de Alvear 834) is one of the On Tap bars in Buenos Aires. It’s a chain that has several bars across the city of which I have visited two. They have 20 Argentinian craft beers on tap which is a lot for a Buenos Aires craft beer bar. They don’t serve tasters but half pints are served and cost just 60 pesos (at the time of my visit 3 euro) with a pint going for 100 pesos. I tasted 10 of the beers on tap which, except one, where all above average and some even really good. 

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

On Tap Retiro is a typical bar where locals go after work to have a beer with friends. It only opens at 7PM, which is normal in Argentina, after which it fills very quick. There are two floors and a “rooftop” which does accommodate lots of people but it still felt crowded. Around 10PM it started to become a bit less crowded and more pleasant. They do serve typical bar food which I haven’t tried personally but what I saw coming out of the kitchen did look delicious. With 20 Argentinian craft beers on tap On Tap Retiro is for sure one of my top places in Buenos Aires to drink craft beer. Highly recommended. 

Buenos Aires craft beer: Antares San Telmo

Antares San Telmo (Bolívar 491) was the second bar I visited while exploring the Buenos Aires craft beer scene. Antares has several bars in Buenos Aires but Antares San Telmo was conveniently located just 4 blocks away from the Intercontinental Buenos Aires hotel where I stayed. It’s a brewery pub with 10 taps pooring their own beers. I didn’t visit any of the other locations as it would be the same beer and I wanted to sample different beers. 

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

Antares San Telmo is a typical bar playing soccer games on a huge screen. It was Peru against Argentina and funny was the Peru team was staying also at the Intercontinental Hotel. As I had already who of the Antares beers before I ordered two flights of each 4 beers at 140 pesos to taste the other 8. They are all great craft beer brews. As I had a dinner appointment later I just had a few meat empanadas to pair with the beer. Delicious. Two brews where only available in bottles which I took back to my hotel. Antares San Telmo is a must visit if you’re exploring the Buenos Aires craft beer scene; their brews are good!

Buenos Aires craft beer: Bierlife

Bierlife (Humberto 1º 670) is a bit of a weird place in a good way. It’s located in Sam Telmo area and the bar is huge and has various rooms and covered outdoor patios places to sip on a craft beer. First you must buy chips which you can then exchange for a large beer or two small ones. With about 50 taps I ordered two small glasses each time. I wanted to taste as much as possible in this Buenos Aires craft beer bar. 

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

Bierlife has about 10 taps pouring their own brews which I all tasted. They were a bit below average so if you don’t want to taste all of them go for some others too. I’m a bit of a weirdo that wants to try the full range of a brewery. There were certainly some gems between the other Argentinian beers but as the taps rotate I can’t say what’s available in the future. Bierlife certainly is a place to go sample Argentinian craft beer if you are in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires craft beer: Buller Pub and Brewery Recoleta

Buller Pub and Brewery Recoleta (Junín 1747) is a brew pub I have visited several times and it was my first Buenos Aires craft beer bar I visited. They serve great pub food and if the weather is nice is great to relax at their terrace. The best way to taste their range of beers is to order a tasting set. Their beers are above average in taste. I have visited only the location in Recoleta but they are opening a bar in Palermo too. In Recoleta and Palermo it’s great to hang out in the evening as there is a lot to do (see my sightseeing itinerary for Buenos Aires). More tourist and expats visit this place as it’s a touristic area. Buller Brewery is well worth a visit!

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

Buenos Aires craft beer: On Tap San Telmo

After I visited Bierlife I couldn’t resist to visit On Tap San Telmo (Av. Caseros 482) too which was not far away. It was already late evening and with a flight the next morning I had 3 half pints and left. They have, as their sister place in Retiro, 20 beers on tap which are different as in Retiro. Their taps rotate so there is always a new craft beer to try. Also, no tasters here, but half pints do too. On Tap San Telmo is a bit smaller with a small terrace and a living room size bar area. I recommend On Tap Retiro but if you tasted all the beers there go to On Tap San Telmo as it’s a great Buenos Aires craft beer bar!

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

Buenos Aires craft beer: Barís Retiro

Barís is (Marcelo T. de Alvear 789) a small bar / bottle shop. They do have a few craft beers on tap but were below average. I don’t know if they rotate beers so it could be it was just bad luck for me though. If you need bottles I would give Barís a try but if you are looking for a place with as much as possible taps then skip Barís. The place is small and cozy so if you’re out to have a conversation then Barís might be a better choice as several other places were quite noisy. Try Barís and decide yourself if it’s a Buenos Aires craft beer hotspot. If you don’t like it then  On Tap Retiro is 50 meters away where you can sample 20 craft beers.

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

Buenos Aires craft beer: Treffen San Telmo

Treffen (Cervecería) (Piedras 178) was located around the corner of the Intercontinental Buenos Aires Hotel where I was staying. As I was hungry I wanted to get a quick burger and decided to check Treffen out and see if this is a Buenos Aires craft beer hotspot. It advertises also as a beer museum so that was a plus too. Unfortunately, not all beers on the menu were available and those that were, weren’t the best Argentinian craft beers. The atmosphere is like a typical Amsterdam brown café but I didn’t really enjoy it. Service was a bit slow, food was below average as were the beers. The plus was that it was decorated with beer cans, bottles, and other beer related items. If you really don’t know to which Buenos Aires craft beer bar to go then go to Treffen but otherwise there are better choices out there.

ARGENTINA - Buenos Aires craft beer bars; top 6 hotspots I visited

I was surprised to see how many Buenos Aires craft beer bars there are and about the quality of the Argentinian beers. It’s a sign that the Argentinian craft beer scene is developing very well. All bars (expect Treffen) were packed with locals and at peak times some even having their beers on the street. I can’t wait to return to Buenos Aires, and Argentina in general, to test more of the beers and explore the country.

Argentina isn’t all about beer of course, they have high quality wine in Mendoza and Cafayate. Beautiful glaciers in Patagonia, history in Cordoba and much much more. I really enjoy Argentina each year I visit. Last, I love Argentina for the juicy meat too!

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  1. For your next visit, to step out of the classic I recommend you:
    Belgica (Caballito neighborhood) Best beers in town. They produce Jueguetes Perdidos craft beer which is the best i’ve ever tried in town with innovating styles and also good food.
    Baum (Palermo, San telmo, Belgrano, your choice) also producers, very well made ones.
    Desarmadero Bar (Palermo) Not producers but still they have a great Beer board including top beer producers.
    Drafters (Recoleta) Really good and tasty beer styles and the best hamburguers I’ve eaten.
    Gull (Palermo) few beer taps but quantity does not make quality…great ambient, GREAT food.
    Slainte (Devoto) Irishpub-like bar with great ambient, beers and food.
    Bars which I discovered in the last three years, still the list never ends, go to Palermo or even outside the city such as Zona Oeste or La Plata you will find great places to hang out and taste some really good beers.

    • Thank you for your comment. I keep these bars in mind for sure! My list isn’t a complete list of all bars of course. It’s those I visited. Can’t wait to get back to BA in about a year time.

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